Dear Mindful Dancer

I am offering a one-off session at Norwich Wellbeing Centre, near Chapelfield in Norwich on Thursday 1st September, for those interested in Dancing Mindfulness but unable to come to the Sunday group at Limelight Studio (or wanting to do both). If there is enough interest this will run every 5 weeks. Please get in touch with me beforehand if you are interested to attend this first session (September 1st at 6.45-7.45pm). Thank you.

If you considering coming to Castle Acre for the weekend ‘retreat’ on 19th-21st August, there are only a few spaces with accommodation available now: costing £120 upwards for the weekend with bed & breakfast, or £70-90 if you stay in your own home. We have a lovely group already for the weekend. You are very welcome to become part of it.

The ‘open sessions’ in Castle Acre village hall on Saturday July 23rd (3pm and 6pm) will be along similar lines to the classes in Norwich . . .  and you are welcome to come along to those also.

‘The music invites me to shake off tensions and drop into my inner experience.  There’s a process of becoming more present, and more aware of the ways my body is constrained, deadened or exhausted. Allowing spontaneous movements, I get more connected with how I am feeling emotionally and I complete cycles of expression that have been unfinished. I use this space to let go into myself rather than striving, and I find that my energy is there, stronger and more vibrant. Sometimes my movements deepen quite quickly into stillness; other times I whirl like a dervish: dance until my dance is complete. Either way, it is profound practice in Being. I think of it as a spiritual practice. It allows me to connect with my own self and experience a sense of meaning that’s deeper than mind.’





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