What is ‘Dance2BeStill’?

 Dance2BeStill is a movement practice which supports enhanced well-being and aliveness:

Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually.

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It is suitable for all body types, abilities and fitness levels. Every movement is optional, invited within your comfort zone. You are encouraged to go at your own pace, to follow how your body wants to and can move, and to rest when you want to, too.

‘Dancing’ includes gentle warm-up stretches & times of free movement. You can follow the instruction, or go your own way. ‘Being Still’ refers to the practice of mindful awareness – and to finding that still place within each of us from which we can effectively lead our lives.

It is assumed you will respect your own limitations & experience (physical/emotional/spiritual) as well as respecting those of others. Groups take place in an atmosphere of non-judgement.

Each ‘class’ is structured to invite some letting go of tension, relaxation and revitalising of energy.  Exercises may be offered to reduce high anxiety, support relaxation or enhance pain-free movement.   You can explore personal issues through moving, or simply allow the class to inspire your day!

Music ranges from the sublime to the energising, the calming to the funny.

‘Spiritual’ aspects are introduced as simple ways to give meaning to your individual experience – no belief system is assumed or sought.

The name Dance2BeStill  was inspired by Adyashanti when he said that we must ‘dance our dance’ until it’s done (albeit he meant metaphorically).

Some participants’ comments:

“A joyous, thoughtful, spiritual, calm, energetic weekend. Amazing – I want to do more” Karen

“A lovely, different experience: who knows where it might lead” Tom

A delight and a real pleasure connecting with you as dance teacher” Jill

We know that sharing  both the good and the difficult times in life – including talking to someone, and being listened to – is important for our health. We also need to address the energetic and physical sides of ourselves to live well. Dance2BeStill is almost entirely a non-verbal experience. It is not therapy, though it may support you in transforming and enjoying your life.

If you have not attended a group with Lindsay before please contact her to discuss any relevant issues and ask questions you may have. Please notify her of any health problems which might affect your participation, and be responsible for your needs: it is important that you consult with your GP if you have concerns.

All ages are welcomed: 16 plus, unless specified – younger people may attend if appropriate, accompanied by a responsible adult.

e-mail in first instance: lindsayfovargue@yahoo.co.uk